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Multiple Container Sizes for Residential & Commercial Applications in Red Deer

Red Deer Industrial Leasing Ltd. has been Central Alberta’s go-to storage container supplier for sale, lease or rent-to-own in Red Deer for over 35 years! We have containers available to accommodate all kinds of diverse storage needs, be it long-term or short-term storage options. If you do not want to buy the container, leasing a container can be a cost-effective solution for temporary needs. You can buy containers large enough to create a cabin too. Check out our container sizes below and book the one suitable for you.


To get your questions answered or get a free quote, reach out to us by calling us or sending us an email.

Container Capacity and Size of Pallet

​20' Standard Dry

​40' Standard Dry

​6' Standard Dry

​8' Standard Dry

​10' Standard Dry

* For other data and information, please call Red Deer Industrial Leasing Ltd.

Delivery and Pickup Pricing

We have a special tilt deck that makes the process of transporting containers easier at affordable prices!

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